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About Me

From the current owner:

We got Skye from a neglectful owner when she was only 7 weeks, her birthday is May 1 2020. We nursed her back to health and she is super active and playful. Skye has skin allergies and takes a daily pill to prevent itching. She loves kids and playing fetch is her favorite activity! We had a baby in March and have an elderly dog, sadly we are not able to match Skye’s energy level. We need the adopter to be dedicated to playing fetch, walking/hiking, and overall loving her the way she needs. She would be best in a home as the only pet. After socializing her more she may be less afraid of other pets. Please reach out with questions and know we will be picky with choosing because we love her and want the best!

She is spayed, up to date on all of her shots and all records are at Village Vet. There will be a rehoming fee. For any questions  call Eric @ 660-563-0361


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