About Me

Beautiful Bexley is a spayed, vaccinated female born Oct 23, 2020.  She is a full-blooded Siamese but not registered.

Bexley is a surrender because her owners have to relocate and were not able to find accommodations that would allow pets .

She has been an indoor cat(other than the occasional supervised patio time with her humans) that eats 2x per day.  She will not cry throughout the night but will talk to you when you wake up and will enjoy lots of loving from you.  She will lay on your lap on occasion and loves being pet. As is the case with many kitties she is not a fan of being picked up or carried around but will come to you when called.

She has enjoyed some patio time with her family and has not run away. She enjoys using her scratching post and chasing toys.

She plays well with small dogs but is not a fan of larger dogs. It is not yet known how she will do around other cats.


Want to Adopt me?

Please contact us for more information or to set up an appointment to see him at the shelter.  You can also support this pet by either donating to help us buy food, supplies, and medicine, or by fostering.

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