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Bonded Brothers

About Me

Dobbie & Draco – Bonded Brothers, need rehoming. Currently still in the home.

1 Year Old – Born in May 2023 Outside to A Feral Mother and Abandoned
Dobbie (Long Hair)
Draco (Short Hair)

This pair were not intended to be inside cats, however after being neutered they are terrified of being put outside. Unfortunately our dog is not fond of them and we do not want them harmed.

These guys make the perfect pair. Dobbie is more social and likes to come up and rub on his human’s legs. He likes to check out whatever household task you are doing. Draco likes to stay at a distance at first and feel things out. He can be more shy than his brother. Dobbie isn’t into being held and cuddled as much as Draco. Loud noises can cause them to hide as happens with most cats.

Both have been given baths before. They did fine. They also have had their nails trimmed at home.

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