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BCHS Pit Crew.. Dedicated to finding loving homes one pit bull at a time.


Pit Bulls in America

Over 50% of dogs entering shelters nationwide are pit bull-type dogs (disproportionately represented to other breeds) and approximately 90% of dogs euthanized nationwide are also pit bull-type dogs (disproportionately represented to other breeds.) Pit bulls are over-represented entering shelters, are under-represented in adoptions, and are at a much greater risk for dying in shelters. An important step in the BCHS's road to a no-kill community is providing extra help to those group of animals at most risk of being killed in shelters.

The Pit Crew

The BCHS Pit Crew, a select group of volunteers of the Blount County Humane Society, is working to repair and rebuild the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier in our community. The Blount County Humane Society takes in many "at risk" Pit Bulls each year who otherwise would not have had much of a shot at happy, long lives. The Pit Crew works to improve the dogs’ chances of being adopted. The Pit Crew takes these homeless dogs to specialized obedience classes, on field trips, and to play dates to help them learn excellent manners.